Two in the boat, not counting the crisis
From ancient Greek "crisis" is translated as "decision, turning point, turning point, time of transition". Crises lead us up a spiral, to development and depth in relationships. When a couple…

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Home comfort – it's not scrubbed floors, and scrubbed from the beliefs of the head
Such words I heard from my husband, in response to accusations that he does not appreciate my efforts to maintain the household. It was at the very beginning of our…

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Loyalty to your family. How does it affect our lives?
Loyalty is one of the most powerful forces that affect a person's personality and life. Any relationship is based on mutual loyalty of people to each other. To be accepted,…

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Monthly Archives: March 2017

Family vampires: one controls, the other sabotages

I’m sure it’s really very hard and unpleasant, when you are used as a trash can for the disposal of negative emotions. And in his own home.

But what does control have to do with it? Let’s see where the controllers come from-fans of the apartment scale.

For example, in the parent family, a person had blurred boundaries. This means that the excitement went freely from one family member to another and in a circle, closing most often on the child. Under the excitation of I mean exclusively characteristic of neural processes, most often it manifests itself in the form of anxiety.

Take a specific situation. For example, the mother wronged mother-in-law, mother got angry, felt worthless, a bad mother and the list goes on. It is with this anger she could not cope. And then she caught sight of a child. Of course, it was all his fault. He’s misbehaving, thus giving a reason to devalue my grandmother’s mother (i.e. his sister-in-law). And here is “extreme” becomes already child: he or she feels bad boy or girl. Especially if mom said something like, “useless daughter” or “Terrible son of mine.”

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A life that wasn’t meant for me

What can you do for me? What does life look like that I can live? What is my measure of well-being and happiness?

What is my “share” and what is my “destiny”?

And most importantly – the Price. What would I have to pay if I dared to go beyond the bounds of what I was allowed to do?

Everything that happens to us is the result of our choice. Not the forces of heaven, but our own choice and the limits of this choice determine our destiny.

In small things and in large we choose, based on what is in our picture of the world and what we can choose from all this.

“Once the king of beasts issued a decree that every animal should come to him at the appointed time to become a dinner for the lion. Goes all wolf on a piece of paper notes – who in what day of the week will come. Reached the hare: “Hare, your day is Friday! Got it?”Understood! Can we not come?” “Possible. So, hare strike out…”

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Irina Mlodik: “old Age – it’s time to get paid”

Is it possible to prepare for your own old age and how to behave with elderly relatives? This is the story of a psychologist, author of books and articles on child and adult practical psychology Irina Mlodik.

What is old age?
This, if we are lucky and everything is positive, is an inevitable part of our life. After all, if we happened to grow old, then we had enough strength and desire to live, we did not die young. Meanwhile, not everyone enjoys the opportunity to grow old, for most people, old age is associated with disease, powerlessness, helplessness, poverty and dependence on the help of others. Therefore, many are replacing the idea of old age as such. Especially as old age creeps up, as a rule, steadily, but imperceptibly.

Those who remember about old age and prepare for it:
They save money in order to be financially independent in old age and not to experience serious restrictions and deprivations;
They are invested in their health, in prevention, to maintain vigor, mobility, activity and independence as long as possible;
Create and cherish a variety of relationships: with spouses, children, friends, not to be lonely in old age;
Keep and maintain interest in life, so as not to lose the actual meaning of life and involvement.
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